About Art adventure

Children’s Wall Art

Disheartened by our inability to find quality art to adorn our new baby’s nursery, we decided to start our own company and create the types of pieces we were looking for. Our search for engaging art that would hang safely in a child’s environment led to the successful launch of Art adventure, a Barnsley-based, family-owned design and manufacturer selling distinctive children’s art.

Art adventure’s prints are just the thing for children’s bedrooms and playrooms because there is no glass or heavy framing to fall, break and cause injury. Each piece of art is a printed reproduction on a museum-quality cotton canvas. The canvas is then hand-stretched over wood bars and given a decorative edge, permitting the pieces to be hung easily without glass or heavy framing, and providing a surface that children can touch!

Our work carries the trademark of vivid colors, individually created and offering a fresh perspective. We are continuing to expand our product line with the goal of providing vibrant, interesting and safe merchandise.

Best wishes

Damian Edwards, Art adventure